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The Naptime Sessions – Free Download!

My new album is done! The Naptime Sessions was recorded in my sunroom with various friends over the past 5 months, usually during stolen moments while Oliver was sleeping (hence the title). It’s a mellow run through 8 songs, mostly … Continue reading

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Skeletor Goes to Burger King

At long last, a sparkling new video off the rusty Rock TV assembly line! This marks the official end of a long hiatus for Rock. The break began when Oliver was born, then earlier this year we started up again … Continue reading

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JLP Redesign

All glory and laud to Ryan Pickett for the JLP’s new header! It is a time of great change for my blog. WordPress turmoil created the need for a site overhaul and spelled the end for the JLP’s high period … Continue reading

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Birthday Recap

Hey gang, guess what? Today was my birthday! That’s right, I turned 32 today! Now I’m old enough to rent a car and drive it through a window at a bank! Take that, G-8 bastards! How do you like me … Continue reading

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Who Broke the JLP?

My blog is broken! The new version of WordPress doesn’t mix with the JLP’s most glorious, inerrent programming, and now nobody can read the comments! Could this be the end for your favorite website? As I see it, I’m left … Continue reading

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