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The Biggest Loser Workout DVD: A Review

To the makers of The Biggest Loser workout DVD featuring Jillian Michaels’ torso: Your product is terrible and it does not work. I did this workout four times and I am still really fat. It is blatant false advertising for … Continue reading

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Small Group Fight!

Behold, a few minutes of new content pried from the miserly clutches of Rock TV! At some point in the writing process for this video, I decided to ignore that voice in the back of my head muttering, “This doesn’t … Continue reading

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Embracing Autumn

Can you feel that nip in the air? Can you smell the salty breath of the jack-o-lantern? Fall is coming! Autumn is a wonderful time of year when the leaves turn to gold, the air feels crisp, and the Minnesota … Continue reading

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Hand Sanitizer & Mental Illness

Gosh, this hand sanitizer is really good! In case you haven’t noticed, I love sanitizing my hands. It keeps me germ-free and it feels all cool and slippery! It’s like a sterilizing slip-n-slide! Every 10 minutes or so, I blast … Continue reading

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Good Gravy, Gardettos Got Game

What is it that makes Gardetto’s the greatest road trip food ever? Is it the mini-pretzels topped with their savory secret seasoning? Is it the perfectly brined rye crisps that pop Etruscan flavors across your eager mouth? Is it the … Continue reading

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I just took a shower. It was a pretty good one. I didn’t use too much shampoo this time. My hair is pretty short, so I just put a little dallop in my palm and then rub my skull up … Continue reading

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