Small Group Fight!

Behold, a few minutes of new content pried from the miserly clutches of Rock TV!

At some point in the writing process for this video, I decided to ignore that voice in the back of my head muttering, “This doesn’t make any logical sense. It’s just too silly.” As a result, this is the goofiest, most nonsensical Rock TV I can recall us doing, and I love it for that reason. Will and Jim were apt choice for the leads because they were the two writers most passionate and energized about the project. Certainly not every bit here works, but it’s snappy and screwy enough to stay interesting through the end.

Favorite elements of this video:

-Kevin wrote the theme song for this video, and performed the hell out of it. He and I recorded it at my place one afternoon, and I really enjoyed watching him use his Vince Neil voice to sing such epic lines as, “Regardless of race, expect pain in your face/Fighting lays waste to your brain.”

-We tried our hardest to adhere to an mid ’80s to early ’90s aesthetic for this video, and I’m mostly pleased with how that turned out. By far my favorite costume is Christine’s – she ended up looking like DJ Tanner from Full House.

-The final shot in the video is probably my favorite. The weirdness of those two guys sharing a Blizzard from the same spoon is understated but almost indescribably odd.


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One Response to Small Group Fight!

  1. scottie says:

    Found your site by accident…Great, now I’m addicted. Thanks John. Work’s gonna fire me. Hilarious Videos! What’s with the weird squirrel?


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