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My Hands are Small I Know

You know that thing where you rub your hands together really fast until they get all hot and bloody? Why do I keep doing that? It’s like I’m obsessive-compulsive or something, except I’m not. Hold on, I just want to … Continue reading

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JLP Beauty Tips

On these cool, crisp fall mornings, I love few things more than rubbing a warm, sudsy washcloth across my upper thighs. There is something sinfully indulgent about the feeling of that washcloth being massaged firmly across the unblemished skin of … Continue reading

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Oliver’s Birthday

Today is my boy’s first birthday! It’s been an incredible year in more ways I can describe. Simply put, becoming a dad is a completely transforming experience. There have been very real challenges and strains and sleepless nights, but those … Continue reading

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Dead Rabbit Encounter

So the other night, I got to shovel a rotting rabbit carcass off my yard. He looked kinda like that rabbit, except his eyes were cloudy and his skull was wide open. No idea at this point how he ended … Continue reading

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