Thanksgiving Fun with Buster Fonz!

Accept this pittance as trifling proof of Rock TV’s barely continued existence!

This video was truly a pleasure to write and produce. The Buster Fonz character is an old favorite of this ministry’s (and mine) having been featured previously three times. For those at home keeping score, he starred in 2002’s Santa Bellringer Training, 2004’s The Perfect 4th of July BBQ (a personal favorite) and he popped up in 2006’s ill-fated Rock TV Christmas Special (which I contend could have been a great video if we had more time to work on the script).

That Christmas Special video loomed heavy on my mind as we were working on this video – both were done on a time crunch, were holiday-themed, and relied fairly heavily on the humor of awkwardness and alienation. However, where the former video ends up chunky and dreary, I feel this one is crisp and lively. In my mind, a lot of the credit should go to Will, our (new-ish) ministry co-leader who has inserted a lot of his silly sensibilities into recent projects. He suggested the animated food sequence and the old man character, both of which provide some strangeness and levity which work well here.

It is troublingly easy for me to play the Buster Fonz character, and I find it very enjoyable. I feel imbued with the character’s confidence and end up having a lot of fun riffing and being silly. The only part of this video that was difficult for me to act in was during the musical performance at the end, where I had to show awkwardness non-verbally. I didn’t feel comfortable doing this, so I tried to envision what Todd Luker would do and mimicked that. Seemed to work okay.

Favorite bits:
-The toast. Kevin wrote this for the first draft, and very little of it was changed. To me, it’s the perfect mix of vivid and depressing. Still makes me laugh.

-The final line (“Remember, I’m a dragon and so are you! We’re all dragons!”) was suggested in desperation as we tried to figure out a way to end the video. It is ridiculous nonsense, and I love it. It took me about 4 takes to get through it without laughing (and if you look carefully, you can see me start to break up right before it cuts out).


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One Response to Thanksgiving Fun with Buster Fonz!

  1. Jordan says:

    Awesome! Who did the Washington/centaur, Star Trek/Walmart cover? very cool.

    I loved the awkwardness of Buster and Jim’s toast. My favorite might be the animated history of thanksgiving and Napoleon haha! Thanks guys!

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