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So apparently my readers are getting impatient for more JLP content. I can’t say I’m surprised, given the marginal caliber of readers that this blog has attracted. This ain’t the Harvard Law Review. Turns out that writing posts about animal … Continue reading

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Drinking Pine-Sol to Win Approval from Older Boys

Do you guys dare me to drink this huge container of Pine-Sol? If you guys dare me to, I will. I’ll drink all 1.36 gallons of it! Because you guys are older and cooler than me, I greatly value your … Continue reading

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Startlingly Depressing Musings

As you know, I am a disappointment. When I was a younger man, the world was my oyster (or Wendy’s Value Meal, as it were). Life was flush with opportunity, a blank page ready to be filled with the finest … Continue reading

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The Baby is a Man

Gather near, and taste this hot spittle from the diseased mouth of Rock TV! Some explanation is required on this one. This video was written and shot a year ago, and it became clear to us about midway through the … Continue reading

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Hot Pocket Shame

I recently dishonored myself by accepting a few bucks to take part in a taste test conducted by the fine people at Hot Pockets. If you’ve never been to one of these things, they are truly a strange and artificial … Continue reading

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Sewing Rewards

Yesterday, in furious domestic flurry, I managed to sew a button onto one of my dress shirts. I can’t say I enjoyed it. Can’t say I did a particularly good job at it. Can’t even that say I didn’t end … Continue reading

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