The Baby is a Man

Gather near, and taste this hot spittle from the diseased mouth of Rock TV!

Some explanation is required on this one.

This video was written and shot a year ago, and it became clear to us about midway through the production process that it wasn’t coming together very well. I remember feeling not especially enthusiastic about it during the shoots, and when the editors sat down and watched the footage, we made the call to shut it down and move on (to what became the Skeletor Goes to Burger King project). The video was banished to Rock TV purgatory.

In December, while the ministry was on hiatus, the leadership team decided to go back to the footage to see if anything could be salvaged. The answer, as you can see, is ‘barely’.

At that point, Kevin and I worked together to come up with the theme song, which is probably my favorite bit in the video now. Kevin did a great job of belting it out in cheesy fashion. (Incidentally, an alternate version of the theme song included the line “He’s a bundle of joy with a curious thrill / Reads The New Yorker and peruses George Will”).

In cutting the video in half, we sacrificed any sense of coherence or logic that the video once had, but I doubt that makes much difference in the end.

Enjoy (if possible). The ministry will be back with a new video by late February!

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16 Responses to The Baby is a Man

  1. Tim Hopps says:

    What are you apologizing for!?!?!?!?! It’s hilarious! Maybe one of my favorites. You’re like the producers of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” who thought it sucked but decided to throw it out there anyway (true story). You tickling Leroy’s armpits and then shoving each other is one of the best RTV scenes ever. Huge kudos for the theme song.

  2. Tim Hopps says:

    …and where you walk into church with him in the baby carrier thing. Omigosh, laugh out loud funny. Sometimes “accidents” are the best. (Another true anecdote: Elton John called Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player, his classic album that included Crocodile Rock and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me, a “disposable” album.)

  3. Tim Hopps says:

    OK, after the 3rd viewing, it loses some luster.

  4. peter says:

    Glad you dug it so much, Tom (at least the first two times).

  5. john says:

    you are uncomfortably tall for how feminine you were in this, peter

  6. peter says:

    John, if tickling Leroy is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

  7. Guy Incognito says:

    Wait… “A Charlie Brown Christmas” does suck.

  8. Peter says:

    That’s it Ryan, you’re out of the ministry!

  9. Guy Incognito says:

    Who’s Ryan?
    Seriously though, I remembered liking “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as a kid, and then we watched it with our kids a couple years ago, and had to turn it off about 5 minutes in. Granted, it has a good, biblical message in the end, but the dialogue is nothing but complaining, calling each other names, and bad attitudes. So, we turned it off, and went back to 6 hours of Looney Tunes a day.

  10. Tim Hopps says:

    Guy, isn’t it weird how Peter calls us by the wrong names? Sometimes he calls me Tom. To comment on your review of “Charlie Brown Christmas”: I never looked at it that way, but I do feel that way about “Rudolph”. The Santa character is a jerk, Rudolph’s dad is a jerk too, and pulling out that abominable snowman’s teeth with a pliers is pretty sick. Good thing we now have “The Polar Express”.

  11. Peter says:

    I say we all go Mennonite and avoid these controversies altogether.

    So what should our first Mennonite Rock TV be about?

  12. Tim Hopps says:

    First of all, it will have to be acted out live as opposed to being filmed, because they shun technology, if I’m not mistaken. (Or was that the joke?) Maybe a play about Father Brown and the modern-day people that live in his house.

  13. Guy Incognito says:

    Wow, Tom… oops, Tim, you remember that?

  14. Tim Hopps says:

    Well, Ryan… I mean Guy (and you’re not so Incognito anymore)… it was pretty weird that the first time I was over, I made a joke about the ghost of Father Brown living with you, totally off the top of my head, and you informed me that the original builder of the house was indeed, a man named Brown who lived there with his family. If we were famous, we could go on Celebrity Ghost Stories and tell the tale. But we’re not, so here we are on Peter’s blog.

  15. Mel Kiper Jr. says:

    After seeing some of your film, you are shooting up the big board. Some scouts are still questioning your intangibles, however.

  16. Jessi says:

    I find the man-baby’s pit stains intolerable. However the baby-husband’s sassy look thrown over the shoulder at the end made me clap with glee.

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