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The Cries of Taft

Let me tell you a story, gentle readers. This is the story of a little 16 month old boy I am related to. Let’s call him William Howard Taft. So William Howard Taft happens to be an early riser. Rather … Continue reading

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Relax, friends, and enjoy a Michelob. Beaten down by Christmastime worries? Not sure where the next paycheck’s coming from? Scavenging for food from a dumpster behind Perkins? A cold, tasty Michelob is the cure for what ails ya! Join me … Continue reading

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The Dance

We’re here! Let’s dance! Let’s start off with some clapping. Let the beat pulse through your body and seep out your anus. If clapping isn’t your style, then just sway softly from side to side until you feel like a … Continue reading

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Kudos to People Magazine, Winners of the Pulitzer of My Heart

Great news, everybody! According to this week’s People magazine, Reese Witherspoon has gotten a second chance at love! We all know how Reese has been down on her luck lately, what with her 2007 divorce and string of box office … Continue reading

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