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A Perkins Adventure

Let’s go to Perkins! I think that Perkins is a great restaurant and I would love to go there with you. They have pancakes and paintings of sailboats! We should go Perkins together and eat some mozzarella sticks and I … Continue reading

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Post-Workout Blogging

I’m just sitting down after a great workout. I feel pert and refreshed, like a 32-year old, bearded Little Mermaid. I was running on the treadmill, which I prefer over running outdoors because it allows me to continue watching TV. … Continue reading

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My John Brown Snowblower

Today, the Twin Cities was smothered in 5 inches of heavy, spiteful snow. The unwelcomed storm once again reminded us that, like a rottweiler chained to a Buick, we Minnesotans will never escape winter. Here in the north country, even … Continue reading

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Spring Break Wrapup

This year’s spring break was a heedless one, filled with craven indulgences and remorseless, sub-sentient sloth. At week’s end, my senses are dulled and my breathing is labored. My hours are now spent in repose, relentlessly swallowing fistfuls of Raisinets … Continue reading

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Spring Break?

Spring break is here. Like a clown bearing empty cans of Pringles, this year’s spring break arrives like a cruel taunt from Old Man Winter. The words “spring break” usually bring with them images of thumping MTV beachhouses where greased-up, … Continue reading

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Thoughtfully Comparing World War I & World War II

Which is your favorite World War? Most days, World War II is my favorite. It featured flamethrowers and Mussolini, which are both tremendous. Hitler gets most of the attention these days, which probably makes Mussolini mad. I bet they argue … Continue reading

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