A Perkins Adventure

Let’s go to Perkins!

Where friendship goes further than it should.

I think that Perkins is a great restaurant and I would love to go there with you. They have pancakes and paintings of sailboats! We should go Perkins together and eat some mozzarella sticks and I can tell you what it feels like when I dream about you.

Lots of old people eat by themselves at Perkins, but I don’t think that’s depressing. They’re probably just waiting for a friend, but they forgot their friend is already dead. They also prominently display their pies. They have many varieties, from apple pie to French silk pie to another kind of apple pie.

I’ve been thinking about you and Perkins a lot lately. It’s going to be so good to get away from the hectic pace of life and eat some Perkins food with you. I think I’ll wear my Vikings shirt and order chocolate milk.

You can go up my shirt, if you want.

Perkins is obviously way better than Denny’s. Denny’s doesn’t have free mints and one time I saw a man have a seizure there.

When should we go to Perkins? I’m going to get in the shower right now and get ready! I’ll use the special soap the doctor gave me!

See you at Perkins! But first, I’m going to kill my cats. I hate cats, and I wish my brother would stop giving them to me

Let’s sit in a booth!

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3 Responses to A Perkins Adventure

  1. John says:

    Peter, with your keen eye for the publically obscene, have you ever noticed the disproportionally large amoun of seniors that eat at long John silvers?

  2. Tim Hopps says:

    OMG, today’s is funny! You still got it, kid. I was in a grumpy mood until I read it. Thanks for the laughs. Actually, I’m still in a grumpy mood. But for 90 seconds, I was happy.

  3. brother says:

    wait, so you are saying you don’t want the new shipment of cats i’m sending over?

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