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Joining the Birds

Do you hear the birds chirping? The springtime morning is filled with the sounds of birds chirping their hellos! Flittering and fluttering about, they cheep their chipper greetings to the world. It’s a colorful symphony of happiness just outside my … Continue reading

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Burning Calories and Bridges

The other day, while the springtime sun burned away the lies of the world, I went for a run. I did not run atop a treadmill, as is my fashion. Instead, I stepped outside the cozy, fragrant confines of my … Continue reading

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Baseball’s Bounty

Baseball has returned. Let us observe a moment of silence in reverence for our hallowed game, followed by an even longer moment of stifled groaning in thankfulness for outdoor baseball stadiums and coaching visits to the mound. Last year, I … Continue reading

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What is it with Butterfinger bars getting stuck in your teeth? Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the sweet, sultry crunch of Butterfinger just as much as the next guy enjoys kissing his wife with tongue. However, that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Fatherhood 2: The Bogus Journey

Quiet everybody, I have an announcement to make! I like pizza! It is hot and thick and delicious and I have loved it since November, 2006! Shhhh! I have a second annoucement to make! Bridgette and I are going to … Continue reading

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Tax Refund Strangeness

Huddle close, wretched children, and warm yourselves by the unnatural flames of this new Rock TV! Over the past year, a number of Rock TV’s veteran writers have retired from the ministry after putting in many hours of volunteer work, … Continue reading

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