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Father’s Day

Unless you are a filthy, bearded terrorist, you are no doubt aware that last Sunday was Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion when dads across our great republic are treated to pancake breakfasts and the promised opportunity to … Continue reading

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An Inaccurate Summertime Update

Unsolicited and despised, the JLP has returned. As the days continue their inexorable march toward human oblivion, I acknowledge that I have failed to keep the sub-sentient readers of this blog appraised of my ever-noteworthy actions. For this and many … Continue reading

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Assessing the End of the School Year

And so another school year has come to a merciful close. Like a gang of convicted felons breaking out of prison, the schoolchildren of America have been let loose upon the countryside to violate our great land for three horrifying … Continue reading

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