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Outtakes & Bloopers 2011

Arise from your filthy beds, thirsty children, and slake yourselves off the chafed nipples of Rock TV! Hooray for a new outtakes video! This video (like our outtakes projects in 2009, 2007, 2005, & 2003) features winning smiles, jocular belly-slaps, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Eve

At first light tomorrow, the festival Thanksgiving begins. In celebration of life’s bountiful blessings, I will feast unnaturally upon turkey flesh and bun meat for hours on end. Potatoes, both mashed and scalloped, will be force-fed into my quivering potato-hole … Continue reading

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Magical Snowfall Sorrows

The first snowfall is here! Yes, like my cats returning to lick each other’s anuses, I am once again blogging about the weather. How can I not? The first snow is always one of the most special times of the … Continue reading

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Those People

You know those people who are just unpleasant to be around? People who are convinced they’re always right, and constantly tell loud anecdotes that end with them getting the upper hand over somebody else? Do you know the kind of … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Cold & Redundant

There’s a tangy tickle in the air! There’s a salty snap in the breeze! Winter is coming! Once again, the sun is giving us the seasonal silent treatment and we are left with a bracing chill and fading memories of … Continue reading

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The Problem With Children

For the past couple days, I have found myself padding around my darkened house during the 4am hour holding a restless 1-month old. I haven’t had this much fun since I got a D in my college Geology class after … Continue reading

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