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Dance With Me by Winifred Madison

As you are no doubt aware, the greatest book of all time is Dance With Me by Winifred Madison. It is the timeless story of shy, lonely girl named Jennifer trying to find love in the compromised world of high … Continue reading

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Cat Sadness

Last night, while hauling out an ammonia-reeking garbage bag brimming full of cat excrement, I began to regret ever having welcomed the wretched beasts into our home. For those unfamiliar with the details of my life for some reason, my … Continue reading

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The New Year

New year’s day is here. 2012 has begun. The world is awakening on this gray morning from a night of debauched, unnatural carnality. Glittering cocktails were consumed with abandon and the taut, glistening bodies of strangers found low pleasures in … Continue reading

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