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The Rebuke

Distend your jaws, my serpent children, and swallow whole this new offering from Rock TV! The original pitch for this project was that it would be a short, simple, self-deprecating video. The pastors would rebuke Rock TV for our recent … Continue reading

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Civilization by Niall Ferguson

I recently had the pleasure of reading historian Niall Ferguson’s Civilization: The West & the Rest. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Ferguson is an acclaimed Scottish financial historian who now teaches at Harvard and seems to have a cottage … Continue reading

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Primer: Latin America

Let’s learn about Latin America together! In case you didn’t know, the nations of Latin America are wonderfully immoral places where the weather is warm, the men are hot-blooded, and the women lose themselves by night in the scorching sensuality … Continue reading

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He-Man & Me

Awake, my pig, and defile yourself by watching this Rock TV! Will Hines (the star of this particular video) has become a good friend of mine since he joined Rock TV a few years back, and a big reason for … Continue reading

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