Gone Tweetin’

Out of sheer laziness I recently decided to start a Twitter account (@PeterWelle). For eight and a half years, I’ve been trying to write funny posts on this blog, and while I intend to continue, it doesn’t always come easy to me these days. The main issue I wrestle with is finding time to commit to writing anything worthwhile – something written with the richness and aggressive awfulness I find so important to give the world. I’ve got two kids to raise and two jobs to work and two cats to forget to feed. Where does blogging fit into my life?

This Twitter account will be dedicated solely to carefully documenting the strange and unnatural throughts that regularly pass through my head. This way I can quickly fire them out without much work, rather than building a 300-word essay around them like I would if I were blogging. In my first week of tweeting, there ended up being around 50 such efforts (you can read them for yourself or click the link on my blogroll to the right, if you’re dumb).

Long story short, this isn’t the end of the JLP. I’ll still post whenever possible because I like writing and my wife can’t handle my elevated level of weirdness when I haven’t blogged in a while. If you like the JLP, then follow me on Twitter, or better yet, follow me in real life, listening in on my mumbled self-talk and a series lectures delivered in the bathrooms of the Metrodome where I expound on the topic of rabbits.

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