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My own personal seal of approval

New Television, New Changes

After 13 years of faithful service, our old television recently retired to the green pastures of its electronic homeland where it was mercifully shot in the back of its TV brain. In its stead, Bridgette and I purchased a new … Continue reading

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JLP Therapy

Join hands with me, friendly readers! Let us form a semicircle and celebrate happiness! Whether you are reading this website out of morbid curiosity, misguided hostility, or untreated depression, all are welcome inside the concrete digital walls of the JLP! … Continue reading

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Middle School Retreat Excitement

Hey friendly friends! You feel that buzz in the air this morning? It’s not from the dozen 5 Hour Energy drinks I just sucked down – it’s because we’re loading up the bus for my school’s middle school retreat! In … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Eve

At first light tomorrow, the festival Thanksgiving begins. In celebration of life’s bountiful blessings, I will feast unnaturally upon turkey flesh and bun meat for hours on end. Potatoes, both mashed and scalloped, will be force-fed into my quivering potato-hole … Continue reading

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Magical Snowfall Sorrows

The first snowfall is here! Yes, like my cats returning to lick each other’s anuses, I am once again blogging about the weather. How can I not? The first snow is always one of the most special times of the … Continue reading

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Baseball’s Bounty

Baseball has returned. Let us observe a moment of silence in reverence for our hallowed game, followed by an even longer moment of stifled groaning in thankfulness for outdoor baseball stadiums and coaching visits to the mound. Last year, I … Continue reading

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