Change Your Thoughts For Life!

I know you are frustrated. I know that you have worked a long time to get where you are and most days it was not really what you wanted to do. There were responsibilities. There were bills to pay, kids to raise, a mortgage, all that stuff. So each day you went out and did what you had to. It wasn’t always bad, but sometimes it seems there were more bad days than good. I want to suggest something to you. Your Thoughts Why not change your thoughts for life.

What do you mean for Life?

This is what I mean. If you change the way you think about things, change your thoughts, you can live a different life. This might mean feeling the freedom to do those things you always wanted to do, but thought you couldn’t. If you change your thoughts about what you can and cannot do, you might find a whole new life opening up.

If you change your thoughts about you life, you may find that what you are doing now is fine if you just change your attitude. Maybe you always wanted to be an accountant, or whatever it is you do, but you bought into someone else’s thinking about it and now you are making yourself miserable by your thoughts.

It is possible to change your thoughts and you can change them, not for just right now, but for life. You can change the way you think about your life and things in your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live the life that you have always dreamed about. I don’t mean the life that you are told you should live, but the life you want to live! If it is traveling the world or working in a cubicle, whatever life you want can be yours! You only have to change your thoughts!

How can you Change Your Thoughts?

Our thoughts are conditioned responses to stimuli. What that means is that when we are affected by life in some way, our subconscious mind checks references from past experiences and feeds them to the conscious mind to make a judgment or decision. The thought process can be controlled. Let’s say that a certain situation always makes you angry. You wind up cussing a blue streak and it ruins your life for a few hours or a few days.

The next time that situation occurs, instead of reacting as you always do, stop! Remind yourself that you no longer wish to respond in that manner. You do not have to accept the thinking that is fed from the subconscious. You can tell yourself that you are not going to react that way anymore and that there is a different way to think about it. It isn’t always easy to do this, but with a little conscious effort, you can. Then, as you gain experience with this new way of thinking and reacting, the subconscious starts to feed new data when the situation turns up again.

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