Shearling Coats – The Timeless Outerwear Treasure

Shearling coats are made from the sheepskin pelts of young sheep that have been shorn once. The fleece or fur remains attached to the leather and is often kept long or is cut to a uniform length. Sheepskin coats are superb all-weather outerwear due to their amazing breathability, buttery softness and excellent insulating properties.

Although shearling coats have recently had a surge in popularity, they are a timeless outerwear choice that have stood the test of fashion time. native american store Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing in the world. Early civilizations used materials readily available to them for survival. Fur was necessary in ancient times for warmth. Even in the earliest of times fur coats made from rare and exotic pelts were a status symbol utilized by kings and noblemen to display their wealth. The demand for fur by the wealthy pushed traders to explore new lands and is partially instrumental in the discovery of the New World. As Europeans settled in America, they then competed for the lucrative opportunity to trade fur with the Native Americans.

Most shearling coats are an understated fur coat in that the fur side is worn inside with the smooth or suede leather side being on the exterior. This was the most common way for furs to be worn for hundreds of years. It was in the 1600’s that fur was becoming most prevalent for fashion aesthetics as well as necessity. But it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that the wealthy started wearing the fur side of the pelts on the exterior of their garments. Having the fur exposed added even more allure and prestige to these luxury items.

Today, investing in a timeless sheepskin coat or jac ket is all about the craftsmanship and the country of origin. Those made in Spain are considered the best in the world. One reason is the climate in Spain produces the most buttery soft and supple sheepskin. Also the diet and breeding of the sheep has to do with the high quality of the sheepskin pelts. Another country that produces very high quality shearling coats is Argentina. These countries also have superior artisans that take their craft of turning sheepskin pelts into the luxurious shearling jackets and coats are among the finest in the world.

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