Spy Cameras For Home – Factors to Consider Before Buying a Spy Camera For Home

The popularity of hidden spy cameras has skyrocketed in recent years. Business owners have realized that they can monitor employee productivity and reduce theft of merchandise and office products. Spy cameras for home use have also increased in popularity as parents realize they can keep an eye on their kids while they are out or use them as nanny cams to ensure that their kids are being treated well by the babysitter. Suspicious spouses even use hidden cameras to find out if their fears of a cheating spouse are justified or not. If you are in the market for a hidden spy camera, I have provided a quick guide below on different types of cameras and how the work.

You have two options when it comes to types of hidden cameras – wired and wireless. Wireless hidden cameras can run on batteries or be plugged into an outlet for power. The wireless name comes from the fact that it does not require a direct connection to a recording device. They either transit the signal from a transmitter in the camera to the recorder or some even have a built in DVR recorder.The latest spy cameras for home record directly to an SD memory card. An SD memory is the same memory used in digital cameras and camcorders.The size of the memory card determines the amount of recording time available. This type of hidden camera is the easiest to set up and operate and would be my recommendation.

A wired spy camera is more complicated Lawmate USA due to the fact that it does require a direct connection to the recording device. Unless the camera and recorder are in close proximity to each other this can require a run of cable that will have to be concealed in some manner, whether it be run through walls, under carpet, etc… If these wires are not properly concealed you kind of defeat the purpose of having a “hidden camera”.

Manufacturers of hidden cameras have been able to disguise mini wireless spy cameras to look like normal, everyday items that blend in with any decor. They can be disguised as alarm clocks,wall clocks,tissue boxes,books, teddy bears,air fresheners, smoke detectors, and the list goes on and on. This allows you to choose the appropriate spy camera for home based on where you will be placing it, the field of view you desire, and what will look best for your desired placement.

Other factors you may want to consider are the lighting of the area to be recorded. If the light is low or insufficient for good quality video you definitely want to consider a camera with low light recording capabilities. Another great feature to consider would be a motion activated spy camera. If there is a specific area you need to observe but you only need the recording done when there is activity there then a motion activated spy camera is the way to go. This feature will also allow you to maximize your recording capabilities instead of wasting recording space with inactivity.

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